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Here at Booty Boutique, we offer IBD just gel polish nails, acrylic and gel extensions and minx, all products are safe and nail friendly as we believe in bootiful looking nails that cause no damage to the natural nail.


IBD gel polishes are high gloss, fast drying and a hard wearing alternatives to standard nail polish. As the gel polishes are very good quality, you can expect chip resistance and life to be up to 15 days on fingers and toes. Due to the hard wearing nature, they are perfect of holidays, weddings, or everyday wear if you wish to spoil yourself.
IBD are both dried using a special lamp, this eliminates waiting around for the polish to dry, or even worse, smudging your newly applied polish!
Providing IBD gel polishes are removed correctly, they are not damaging to the nail, as only a minimum of buffing is involved to the nail before application. Due to the hardness of the polishes, they can help protect your nails from accidental damage, giving your nails the chance to grow.

With over 60 colours to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice

Acrylics & Gel Extensions
We use NSI acrylic & Gel nail products which are not so harsh on the natural nail like traditional acrylics. With using NSI we do not use dehydrators, acid primers, electric files or excessive filing which damage the natural nail. This nail system is pH balanced and doesnt include monomer. Nails can be gently soaked off when removal is required.


Minx Nails extends fashion to your finger tips - Minx Nails is the hottest trend in nail fashion today, with a choice of designs this will make your manicure or pedicure stand out .

Nail art

We can provide a range of nail art to add to your nails to provide a more individual look.