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Here we offer several types of lashes. You can choose lash extensions, express lashes or strip lashes depending on your requirements.
Lash extensions

There are many benefits of lash extensions-
  1. immediate results
  2. adds volume and length to your natural lashes
  3. lasts for up to 2 months
  4. With regular 'top ups' the effect is indefinite
  5. longer, thicker lashes that look and feel like your own
  6. ideal for holidays, weddings and everyday
  7. easy to wear, with no need to remove at bedtime
  8. weightless
  9. water resistant

Please note- lashes cannot be applied to permed eyelashes, or if you suffer from sore, swollen or infected eyes, eyelids or surrounding skin.


  1. Do not perm lashes
  2. Do not allow water or steam to come in contact with lashes for 48 hours after treatment
  3. Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers on lashes
  4. Do not rub the eyes when washing your face, only pat lashes dry if required
  5. Do not use mascara or makeup remover on lashes (if you feel you must, please ask me for lash mascara and eye makeup remover pads)


The hair growth cycle is approx 6-8 weeks, so lashes will shed with your own lashes. It is recommended therefore that a 2-3 weekly maintenance
treatment is performed to top up any shed lashes and to keep them looking at their best.
Express lashes

These are individual lashes which are just fixed at the root, rather than the full length of the lash. The effect is equally dramatic, but the life of the lashes is up to 2 weeks. They are ideal for that special occasion, and are a very good opportunity to see if lash extensions are for you, before moving on to the semi permanent look.

Strip lashes

These are ideal for a night out, wedding, party or any other special occasion. With lots to choose from, these can compliment any look for the day.