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Airbase is a professional, silicone based airbrush makeup designed for everyday use.

Airbase is a silicone based makeup that is applied by airbrush to the skin, to get a perfect, flawless look.

It is excellent makeup due to the ingredients and the application method. Silicone does not clog your pores like conventional makeup, allowing your skin to breathe. It also contains vitamin A & E, to improve elasticity of the skin to reduce lines, and acts as an anti oxident, helping to moisturise and repair skin to prevent aging.
Silicone and the special polymers used make airbase extremely durable, and is not affected by heat, so can stand the heat at summer weddings and other special occasions where a flawless, perfect look is required. It requires no touch ups, and is water resistant.

Why is airbrushing so good?
When spraying an airbrush, the product is atomised, making the makeup particles far smaller than standard makeup, making it less visible. This is why it is used for filming HD television and films, HD will pick up the imperfections in conventional makeup.
It also has hygiene benefits, a conventional brush or fingers can spread bacteria and germs over your face, air brushing will prevent this.

It has great benefits in being used for corrective cosmetic applications. It will cover  scars, birth marks, tattoos and various other issues with ease, boosting confidence helping you enjoy yourself without worrying about needing touch ups.